Do you also drive fast on the road?  So be careful, speed tracker camera has arrived– NayaTez

Do you also drive fast on the road? So be careful, speed tracker camera has arrived– NayaTez

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New Delhi. The number of road accidents in India is much higher than that of other countries. Most of the accidents in India are due to speeding and not following traffic rules. The authorities and the police department together make constant efforts to reduce these accidents. In order to reduce road accidents, now the authorities have started installing speed tracker cameras on the road. These cameras will be installed on the poles on the road, and the information about the speeding vehicles will be passed on to the police. These cameras work automatically, and transmit the necessary information to the system.

Speed ​​tracker cameras fitted on these routes – The Police Department has just installed these cameras on some roads of Delhi and Haryana. The police have installed a speed detection system behind their vehicle, on which the police get information about the speeding vehicles. With the help of this system, the police detect the speeding vehicle and deduct its challan.

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The police department has installed this speed detection system in Maruti Suzuki Ertinga, which is always monitored by a police constable. By detecting the vehicles running at high speed through the system, this information is given to the senior officer. After which that vehicle is stopped and challaned. Speeding vehicles can be challaned up to Rs 2,000, and license can also be canceled for three months.

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How does this speed tracker camera work? These speed tracker cameras installed by the police are based on radar, in which the Doppler effect is used to track the speed. These cameras work on radio waves. These radio waves travel with the light and collide with the vehicle, and transmit real time speed information to the system.

The laser gun used by the police also works on this technology. These speed tracker cameras come with Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR), which tracks the speed as well as the number of the vehicle. Avoiding the sight of this camera becomes very difficult for the speedy drivers. With time, these speed tracker cameras will be installed at other places as well, which is expected to help the police a lot.

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