Death Anniversary: ​​Those evergreen songs of Mohammad Rafi, which people still start humming

Death Anniversary: ​​Those evergreen songs of Mohammad Rafi, which people still start humming

New Delhi: Legend singer Mohammad Rafi breathed his last 41 years ago on Friday 31 July 1980. Even after almost four decades, Rafi’s talent is still discussed today. Obviously he was born to sing. Mohammad Rafi sang a total of 7,405 songs in many Indian languages. Of these, 4,334 songs were sung in Hindi. About 70 songs have no official LP records and have never been uploaded to YouTube.

According to media reports, All India Radio, Urdu Service and Vividh Bharati also do not have many such songs, which the veteran sang in his career. When it comes to choosing Rafi’s evergreen songs, one can be confused as he has sung many great songs. Nevertheless, here we are telling about some songs, which touch everyone’s heart. You too enjoy, some of his evergreen songs-

1. You stole the heart

2. Write the letter to you in your memory

4. Don’t leave now

5. You will be in favor of me

Yes, you will not be able to forget me like this, whenever you listen to my song…

Apart from these, Mohammed Rafi has also sung many evergreen songs like ‘Pathar Ke Sanam Tujhe Humne’, ‘Yeh Chand Sa Roshan Chehra’, ‘Chup Gaye Saare Nazare’, ‘Mere Dushman Tu Meri Dosti Ko Tarse’, ‘Yeh Dil Tum Bin Kahin Lagta Nahi’. Sung, which everyone likes to hear. Rafi Sahab was a big hearted and good hearted person with a great singer. Although there are many tales of his goodness, one of which tells you the tales.

‘Rafi sahab, give me a song, we will give admission’
Mumbai is the talk of the city. Rafi Sahab’s maqbooliyat was at its peak in those days. A very simple man who worked with him asked him to recommend him for the admission of his child. Rafi asked- Will your child be admitted by my saying? The man said- Yes, it will happen, you just have to go to school with me. Rafi got ready very easily and left for the school for the admission of the child.

‘Arrange the harmonium, I will sing the song’
When Rafi Sahab reached the school, the principal of the school said- If you listen to a song, then we will take admission of the child. He asked- Harmonium? He sat down with the harmonium and sang a song to the whole school. The child has been admitted.

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