Dangers of online friendship are big

Dangers of online friendship are big

Friendship Days 2021: If you have been cheated online in the name of friendship, then know how to get help from cybercrime police stations.

Noida. Friendship Days 2021: Today is the era of online friendship. Almost everyone has a smartphone, laptop or desktop at home. Everyone uses social media. In such a situation, online friends can become a threat to you at any time. Cyber ​​criminals find new ways to cheat every day. These fraudsters are cheating people these days through Facebook. From the common man to the police administration, thugs are making their victims their victims and by making fake profiles of them, they are duping money from their close ones.

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This is how fraud

Fraudsters do fraud through Facebook in two ways. First by creating fake profiles of users and second by hacking Facebook. To create a fake Facebook profile, the fraudsters steal the photographs of the users and then demand money from the acquaintances of the users by creating a new profile like the original profile. Another method of fraud is by hacking the user’s Facebook account. In this, hackers hack the profile of the user and use it according to their mind.

ask for money in the name of help

Fraudsters seek help from user’s Facebook friends and they demand to transfer money online through PhonePe, Paytm or Google Pay. These days such incidents have become common, in such a situation people need to be aware.

Awareness is important with friendship

Along with online friendship, there is also a need to be aware. If a friend is asking you for money on Facebook, then before transferring, make sure to call your friend once and confirm.

attempt to curb crime

There are a few things to keep in mind while making friends on Facebook. Also, if any such incident happens to you, then we talked to Rita Yadav, in-charge of Cyber ​​Crime Police Station, Noida, to know how to take help of the police. Rita Yadav says that through social media, efforts are being made to rein in friendship, cheating under the guise of friendship and even mental and physical abuse. For this, the UP Police has made arrangements for separate cyber crime police stations in the entire state.

Here you will get help if you get cheated

Rita Yadav also says that first of all people need to be aware of social media. Don’t befriend someone you don’t know. Despite this, if any such incident happens to you, then contact the cyber crime station near you, the police will help you in every possible way.

Complaint on twitter and whatsapp also

If there is any kind of online fraud with you, then you can contact this mail id within 24 hours along with the police station. [email protected] Or you can also register your complaint by calling 155260. Apart from this, you can also file a complaint through Twitter and WhatsApp. In addition to the WhatsApp number 7839877207 and the Twitter handle @cyberpolice.up, you can file a complaint of cybercrime on the national portal

how to complain on facebook

If any kind of fraud happens with you on Facebook, then click on this link of Facebook A new page will open where complete details about how to file a complaint have been given. According to Facebook, if someone has created an account in your name or in the name of your acquaintance, then definitely file a complaint.

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