Curly Hairstyle : You Are Bored With Straight Hair, So Try Curly Hair Like Kangana Ranaut And Preity Zinta – New Trend In Hair

Curly Hairstyle : You Are Bored With Straight Hair, So Try Curly Hair Like Kangana Ranaut And Preity Zinta – New Trend In Hair

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New Trend In Hair: If you are bored with straight hair, then try curly hair like Kangana Ranaut and Preity Zinta

Trend: If you want to change your look, then these days curly hair is back in fashion again.

Curly Hairstyle: Most of the girls follow the fashion sense of Bollywood actresses to look trendy and stylish. If you also want to look beautiful and fashionable like her and are worried that you do not have expensive designer clothes like her, then there is nothing to worry. Not only with designer clothes, you can also create a celebrity-like look by following their hairstyles. There is no doubt that hairstyle plays an important role in enhancing beauty. If your style is curly and elegant, then you can look stylish even in simple outfits.

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Make yourself look like Kangana and Preity Zinta

If you too are bored with your straight hair and are thinking of adopting some new and trendy hairstyles, then you can give yourself a look like actresses Kangana Ranaut and Preity Zinta. As much as we are crazy about Kangana Ranaut’s beauty and acting, we are equally obsessed with her curly hair. Not only Kangana but Bollywood’s beautiful actress Preity Zinta is also seen in curly hair these days. If you are also going to a party, function or date, then you can carry curly hairstyles even on simple outfits which will help you to look charming, beautiful and attractive.

how to curl straight hair

To curl your straight hair, immediately after shampooing, blow dry them inward with the help of a comb. With the help of hair straightener, you can make your hair curly. Before curling the hair, apply a protected spray in them so that the hair does not get damaged by the heat. After this, divide the hair into three sections and with the help of a straightener, wrap the hair in such a way that when you take it out of the straightener, it curls up.

curlyhairsFeathertheselookwill takestylish

If you want to give a celebrity look to your curly hair, then after curling your hair, put a ponytail on the top. This will further enhance the beauty of you and your hair.

If you have curled your hair and are thinking that to do such a hairstyle which looks good in both Indian and Western dresses, then you can enhance your beauty by creating a ‘loose low bun look’.

Apart from this, you can put side pins in the hair by giving an open look to your hair. Doing this will add to your beauty.



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