Chunky Pandey told the reason for the ruin of his career, said – he did not get films after Salman-Akshay’s entry

Chunky Pandey told the reason for the ruin of his career, said – he did not get films after Salman-Akshay’s entry

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Chunky Pandey is a well known Bollywood actor. Chunky Pandey has worked in more than 100 films. By the end of the 80s, Chunky Pandey had become a superstar. Chunky Pandey’s film Aankhen made him an overnight superstar, this film was well-liked by the audience. Chunky Pandey’s stardom was at its peak due to eyes, he started ruling the hearts of girls and his fan following got a big boost. Chunky Pandey appeared with Govinda in this film.

After the good response from the film Aankhen, everyone felt that Chunky Pandey is the superstar of the times to come, but the opposite happened. Chunky Pandey stopped getting work as soon as the 90s started and he slowly started disappearing from Bollywood. The same media, in response to which Chunky Pandey has honestly given five reasons, due to which his dream of becoming a Bollywood superstar could not be fulfilled. Because of which they stopped getting work,

Chunky Pandey told Khan Tigri the reason behind his stardom work. Chunky said that in the 90s, the names and popularity of these three Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan started spreading everywhere. The popularity of all the three Khans had increased so much that these three Khans were the first choice of every producer and they stopped getting offers for films.

While the Khan trio’s stardom was at its peak, the entry of Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan in Bollywood made a special impact on Chunky Pandey’s career. After the entry of Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar in Bollywood, the makers stopped offering the role to Chunky Pandey.

Chunky further explains that in his Bollywood career and in the 80s, he worked in many multistarrer films, but as soon as the 90s started, the craze of these multistarrer films decreased and these films stopped being made. As the 90s started, most of the actors were preferring to do solo films. The same producers never saw Chunky Pandey as a solo star and due to the closure of the multistarrer film, he stopped getting work in films.

Chunky Pandey also admitted that his career was affected due to the wrong choice made by him. In fact, Chunky Pandey became the last choice in the list of producers for solo films, after which Chunky played the role of a friend of the hero in some films, due to which his entire career was ruined. Seeing his career going down, Chunky could not understand how he could take it back up.

Chunky Pandey’s film Aankhen was one of the blockbuster films in the 90s, but despite giving such a big blockbuster, Chunky Pandey’s career did not survive. Chunky Pandey started coming last in the list of producers and the makers of Dheere Dheere Kar lost his attention, after which Chunky’s career could not emerge as a superstar again.


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