China COVID-19 Tally Hit 7-month High With 143 New Cases

China COVID-19 Tally Hit 7-month High With 143 New Cases

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Corona outbreak in China again after virus emerged in Wuhan, cases reached the highest level of seven months

143 new cases of corona virus infection were reported in China on Tuesday


Coronavirus cases in China reached a seven-month high on Tuesday. This situation has arisen due to the surge in corona cases at a test site. The Delta variant is coming to the fore as a challenge for China against the Corona epidemic. Due to the spurt in the number of cases, measures like local lockdown, large-scale testing and travel restrictions have had to be implemented in China. The current surge is considered to be the most serious after the cases of Koranavirus were reported in the city of Wuhan.

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After the corona cases were reported in China, the administration had reduced the cases of infection domestically to almost zero and after that the way was cleared to resume economic activities with strict restrictions, but now the spurt in cases has raised concerns. is extended. According to the Health Department of China, 143 new cases of corona virus infection were reported on Tuesday, out of which 108 were of local level. In recent days, many cases are being linked to a Kovid-19 testing center in eastern Yangzhu City. Amidst the boom in the Corona case, warnings have been issued to many officials regarding negligence in testing. The administration believes that due to such carelessness, the virus can spread more rapidly. Yangzhu City Administration says that some people are not fulfilling their responsibility responsibly. In this city with a population of about 46 lakh people, extensive testing has been done in five rounds so far and about 16 lakh samples have been collected to control the infection.

After several months, once again, millions of people in China are being ‘imprisoned’ in their homes to stop the rapidly growing corona virus infection. The latest outbreak is related to a cluster in Nanjing city where 9 employees of an international airport were found to be corona positive in July. Corona virus infection is re-emerging in Wuhan, in view of which a large number of samples are being investigated in this city with a population of more than 12 million. The first case of corona virus infection was reported in Wuhan itself in 2019.


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