car should not be useless in the rain!  So follow these tips, know everything– NayaTez Hindi

car should not be useless in the rain! So follow these tips, know everything– NayaTez Hindi

New Delhi. Monsoon has been delayed but has knocked in Kerala and it is progressing slowly. This weather is not good for the health of your car. It is very important to take care of the health of the vehicle with you in the rainy season. Otherwise your car may get stuck anywhere in this weather. That’s why it is very important to take care of your car in the rain. We are telling you some tips to keep the car fit in the rain.

get service on time
First of all, get your car serviced on time so that your car can gallop without any hindrance in the rainy season. Most of the incidents of car shutdown come only during the rainy season.

Take care of tyres, wipers and brake shoes

Take care of the tyres, wipers and brake shoes of your vehicle before it rains. Often the road becomes slippery in the rain. If the tires of your vehicle are too worn then get them replaced immediately to avoid accidents. Along with this, it is very difficult for a bad wiper to travel, so it is important to have the wiper right.

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check battery status
As soon as the rainy season starts, definitely check the condition of the battery and its gravity. The condition of the battery is not good and if you get stuck somewhere in the rain then it can be a big problem to move the vehicle forward. Actually, in the rain, a white decomposing material emerges on the terminals of the battery. This may cause starting problems. If for any reason there is a problem with starting the battery, then get it replaced or show it to a mechanic.

get the clutch repaired
Get the clutch repaired in the rain. If the clutch of the vehicle is working properly then the gears easily pull the vehicle out with full power even if it gets stuck in water or mud.

take care of brakes
It is very important to take care of the brakes after the tyres. The brakes of the car get a little weak due to water and in such a situation you have to take care of it. Avoid over speeding and keep changing brake pads when needed.

keep the car clean
Keep the car clean during rainy days. Take necessary measures to avoid rusting. Keep cleaning the mud flap in the car. Use anti-rust paint under the body of the car. Keep cleaning the floor mats and seat covers installed inside the car as well.

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avoid walking on edge
While driving, keep in mind that you are almost in the middle of the road. Although this is not possible in traffic, but during the drive on the highway, avoid walking on the edge. This reduces the chances of a car accident.

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