Bhojpuri Video: Actress Akshara Singh expressed her love and said, ‘Didi is planning to kill whose life’

Bhojpuri Video: Actress Akshara Singh expressed her love and said, ‘Didi is planning to kill whose life’

Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh is very active in films as well as on social media among fans. She does not hide her fans about her heart. She keeps everything she talks about freely among everyone. Now the actress has expressed her love through Instagram. He has shared a video, in which Jyothika Tangri’s song ‘Ek Mulaqat’ is playing. Along with sharing this video, the actress has expressed her love.

What did Akshara write while sharing the video?

The video that Akshara Singh has shared on Instagram (Akshara Singh Instagram Video). In this, she is seen lip-smacking on the song ‘Ek Mulaqat’ from Jyotica Tangri. She has shared this video on Instagram and along with sharing it, the actress wrote, expressing love in the caption, ‘My people, I love you.’ Actually, Akshara has written this caption for her fans. The video has been shared on social media just two hours ago and in just a few hours this video of him has got more than 12 thousand likes. In this, she is seen giving amazing expressions.

After watching Akshara Singh’s video, the fans made a flurry of comments. He is commenting one after the other and is praising his beauty and acting fiercely. One person wrote, ‘Didi whose life is she planning to kill’. Along with this, another girl wrote, ‘Hey, I love you, with every heartbeat, my Apsara.’ Similarly, his fans are commenting fiercely.

People commented on akshara singh’s video

Let us tell you that Akshara Singh is not only a great Bhojpuri actress but also a great singer. Fans like his songs so much that any song of his becomes viral as soon as it comes on YouTube. He sang songs like ‘Falanwa Ke Beta’, Hindi song ‘Meri Wafa’ and ‘Idhar Aane Ka Nahi’ (Idhar Aane ka nahi). His songs made new records. These went very viral.

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