Bhojpuri Song: ‘Kable Laika Hoi Dusarka?’ by Arvind Akela and Shilpi Raj.  Neelam Giri wreaked havoc

Bhojpuri Song: ‘Kable Laika Hoi Dusarka?’ by Arvind Akela and Shilpi Raj. Neelam Giri wreaked havoc

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Bhojpuri cinema superstar Arvind Akela Kallu has brought a very funny Bhojpuri song for his fans. The sizzling video song of the trio of Kallu, trending girl Neelam Giri and popular singer Shilpi Raj, ‘Kable Laika Hoi Dusarka?’ (Kable Laika Hoi Dusarka?) has been released on the official YouTube channel of Worldwide Records Bhojpuri. The amazing chemistry of Kallu and Neelam Giri is seen in this song, which people are very fond of. Singer Shilpi Raj has also added to the melodious voice of Kallu in the song.

Worldwide Records Presents ‘Kable Laika Hoi Dusarka?’ The pair of Arvind Akela Kallu and Neelam Giri are looking very attractive in the video song. Throughout the song, Kallu has entertained her fans by wearing a lungi and T-shirt, while Neelam Giri looks very beautiful and attractive in a colorful sari. There is a wonderful mix of scintillating dance and captivating delivery in this scintillating song. Presented by Worldwide Records, the producer of the song is Ratnakar Kumar, lyricist Vikas Chandravanshi, music composer Arya Sharma. Directed by Ravi Pandit, Choreographer Hrithik Ara, Editor Deepak Pandit, Hypothesis Aurobind Mishra, Production Head Pankaj Soni. Cooperation has given Guddu ji Pandey, Hanuman ji Pandey, Sujit Media.

People like the pair of Arvind Akela Kallu and Neelam Giri very much. Both these artists have been seen together in the songs before, which has created a lot of buzz. In July, the song ‘Lela Nenuaa Aa-Aa-Aa’ by Kallu and Neelmag Giri was released which became very popular. This song has got crores of views. Glamorous actress Priyanka Rewri is also seen in the song along with Neelam Giri. The music of the song was given by ADR Anand while the song was written by Yadav Raj. Apart from this, the second song of Kallu and Neelam Giri ‘Biyah Bina Bigartaru’ was also released on Worldwide Records Bhojpuri this year. It has got more than 4 million views and the song was sung by Shilpi Raj along with Kallu.

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