Bhojpuri singer Gunjan Singh’s magahi song ‘Sadiya Beche Ailai Labharva’ blew up, viral as soon as it was released

Bhojpuri singer Gunjan Singh’s magahi song ‘Sadiya Beche Ailai Labharva’ blew up, viral as soon as it was released

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One of the most famous singers of Bhojpuri cinema, Gunjan Singh’s new sizzling Magahi song ‘Sadiya Beche Ayilai Lobharwa’ has been released which is making a splash on YouTube. Is. These days Gunjan Singh is dominating Bhojpuri cinema. Till a few days ago, he was earning a lot of name for his songs more than one, now his romantic songs are being released one after the other, which people are very fond of.

Tomorrow i.e. on August 17, his new Magahi song ‘Sadiya Beche Ailai Labharva’ has been released on Gunjan Singh Entertainment’s YouTube channel. This song is sung by Bhojpuri singer Anupama Yadav with Gunjan Singh. Famous Bhojpuri actress and dancer Mahima Singh is seen in this song along with Gunjan, whose performances are finding the audience very attractive. This song of Gunjan Singh is romantic in which people are also liking the chemistry of Mahima Singh and Gunjan Singh. Gunjan Singh has become a sari seller and he gives saris to his girlfriend. Let us tell you that the song had garnered more than 8 lakh views on the day of its release. Till the time of writing the news, the song has 802,277 views and this figure is increasing rapidly. This song is written by Aman Albela and music of the song is given by Arya Sharma.

Yesterday, another Bhojpuri song ‘Laika Hokhewala Ba Dusarka’ by Gunjan Singh has been released on Yashi Films’ YouTube channel. In this song, Bhojpuri queen Rani Chatterjee is seen with Gunjan Singh. Rani Chatterjee is a veteran actress of Bhojpuri cinema and the song creates a ruckus just by being in the song. In this song, the pair of Gunjan Singh and Rani Chatterjee is getting solid. People are very fond of the romance of both. Gunjan Singh is looking very hot and glamorous. This song is sung by Neha Raj with Gunjan Singh. The song is written by Manish Rohtashi and music is given by Priyanshu Singh.

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