Bhojpuri Actress: Neelam Giri dance video on Ankush Raja’s song ‘Kunwara Mein Ganga Nahaile Bani’ goes viral, watch

Bhojpuri Actress: Neelam Giri dance video on Ankush Raja’s song ‘Kunwara Mein Ganga Nahaile Bani’ goes viral, watch

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Bhojpuri actress Neelam Giri is always dominated on social media apart from her videos. There are about 5 lakh followers on her Instagram, which she leaves no stone unturned to entertain. At this time a video of the actress is becoming quite viral in which she is showing great moves in Ankush Raja’s song ‘Kunware Me Ganga Nahaile Bani’. Seeing his blazing dance, Ankush Raja himself also commented and called it cool. Along with this, fans are also fiercely commenting on the video of their favorite star and praising them a lot. 7 lakh people have watched the video and more than 60 thousand likes have come.

Neelam Giri is showing very bold acts in the video going viral on Ravi Pandit’s Instagram. In this, she is wearing a black crop top. The actress is looking very cute in this look. Ravi Pandit is also seen with him in this dance video of him. The video was shared by Ravi Pandit on his Instagram account, which is becoming increasingly viral.

At this time, another Instagram reel video of Neelam Giri is being seen a lot, in which she is banging on the Punjabi song ‘Baby Gall Suno’. In this reel video, his dance moves are rocking. Although Neelam Giri does wonders with her dance in each of her videos, but she seems to have something else to say in this. Seeing his Punjabi swag, everyone was saying ‘Wow’. In the video, her dance steps in exotic style and open hair are driving her fans crazy.

Talking about the song, Ankush Raja’s Bhojpuri song ‘Kunvaare Mein Ganga Naheele Baanee 2’ had achieved tremendous success as soon as it was released. The video of the song was very much liked by the audience. Beautiful actress Akanksha Dubey was seen in this song. She was seen in different looks in the song. The song was sung by Bhojpuri singer Shilpi Raj with Ankush Raj and Ankush Raja’s song ‘Kunwara Mein Ganga Nahaile Bani 2’ was written by Bose Rampuri and music was given by Arya Sharma.

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