Bell Bottom Movie Review: Akshay Kumar returns to his homeground, this RAW agent is perfect for theaters

Bell Bottom Movie Review: Akshay Kumar returns to his homeground, this RAW agent is perfect for theaters

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Bell Bottom Movie Review: Due to Corona virus, cinema halls have been closed for a long time and big stars have turned to OTT for their films. But in such a situation, Akshay Kumar is the only Bollywood star who has again released his film in theaters. ‘Bell Bottom’ has been released in theaters today. This spread of the makers may have been taken keeping in mind the changing circumstances and the rules of the loosening lockdown, but it can prove to be a ‘big risk’. With ‘Bell Bottom’, Akshay Kumar has again entered the big screen in his familiar style. Now Akshay gets applause or taunts for this film, for this you should read this review.

Story: The story of ‘Bull Bottom’ is from the reign of Indira Gandhi when the terrorists tried to free the infamous terrorists from the jail of India by plane-hijacking one after the other. In such a situation, there is another hijack and again the political people suggest negotiation. But in such a situation comes the Raw agent ‘Bull Bottom’ (Akshay Kumar) who is an expert in such cases. Ballbottom appeals to Madam PM to refuse to negotiate and now his mission is to rescue 210 hostages and capture the four terrorists who took them hostage. Ballbottom has only 7 hours for this rescue mission.

Akshay Kumar’s ‘Ballbottom’ is releasing on August 19.

Akshay Kumar has returned to his homeground with Bail Bottom. Akshay Kumar has appeared in the spy-thriller-drama genre before and he looks quite in his style. The stylish avatar of Spy and the one-liner humor in between, this is Akshay’s favorite spot and you will find it all in this film. This story is based on a true incident, but the liberty taken for entertainment is clearly visible which gets digested to a great extent. Don’t know about OTT but this film has been made keeping in mind the cinema hall and when you see its climax scene in 3D, to be honest, it will be fun.

akshay kumar, bell bottom, Bellbottom Movie Review

This film of Akshay Kumar is a spy-thriller.

There is suspense in the film, but there are some suspense-scenes that you will already know from the film’s RAW agent (Akshay Kumar). In fact, many films of this genre have already been made and as a viewer your mind is already racing to crack the suspense. In such a situation, when you come to know before Akshay that ‘where is the fourth terrorist’, then what was the meaning of the suspense. The story revolves completely around a single agent in whose hands the entire mission has been given, these are some things that can go awry. But this is an entertaining film made for the month, which fulfills its purpose very well. The background score of the film makes Akshay’s scenes even larger than life.

akshay kumar, bell bottom, Bellbottom Movie Review

Vaani Kapoor plays Akshay Kumar’s wife.

Talking about acting, the film is of Akshay Kumar. There are three heroines, Lara Dutta, Huma Qureshi and Vaani Kapoor, but the work is in some part of all three. Yes, Lara Dutta’s makeup has already been praised, she has been very strong in her character too. Vaani Kapoor is fine in her small character and you can copy the same line for Huma. 3.5 stars from my side to this movie.

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