BB OTT offer to EX contestant of Bigg Boss, had to be tempered with nude yoga

BB OTT offer to EX contestant of Bigg Boss, had to be tempered with nude yoga

Bigg Boss 15 is following a different pattern. First Bigg Boss OTT will be streamed on Voot. It will be steam only for 6 weeks. Karan Johar is going to host the show. Vivek Mishra, the ex-contestant and nude yoga guru of Bigg Boss, has been approached by the makers for Bigg Boss OTT. He revealed this recently, in the show he was asked by the makers to temper him with Semi News Yoga, but he refused to do so.

Talking to ETimes, Vivek Mishra said, ‘I was asked to do nude yoga or semi nude yoga to be a part of OTT and to add spice to this content. I was very surprised to hear this. He said that the makers are looking for 5X contestants so that they can make Bigg Boss more spicy on OTT.

He further said that why would I do nude yoga to spice up a top reality show? He said that I am very sexy and that is too expensive to do. Vivek Mishra said that I made it clear that if you want in this way, then I have made it clear that for this 50 lakh rupees will have to be paid for a day. He said that I am not a starlet or I do not want to appear in the show on the basis of nude yoga.

He said that I Vivek turned down the offer and said that he would like to be a part of quality projects, cameos instead of doing shows without meaning. He said that to be honest, the reality show does not run according to the anchor. His contribution is absolutely there, but the main reason for success is the contestants and the content. Then be it Salman Khan, Karan Johar or Jennifer Lopez, they are added to the show for their personality, glamor, but the show runs only when the contestants are good.

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