#ArrestSwaraBhaskar: Swara Bhaskar compares Hindutva to Taliban, users furious, demand for arrest rising

#ArrestSwaraBhaskar: Swara Bhaskar compares Hindutva to Taliban, users furious, demand for arrest rising

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Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar is more in discussion for her social media posts than her films. Swara, who is always active on social media, tweets something or the other, due to which all the limelight goes towards her. At the same time, the situation in Afghanistan and the capture of Kabul by the Taliban is not hidden from anyone. Seeing the pictures coming from there, everyone is worried, most of all the concerns of the women and minorities there are troubling the people. At the same time, Bollywood celebs have also expressed concern over the situation in Afghanistan. At the same time, Swara is also constantly tweeting something or the other on the situation in Afghanistan with her Twitter handle. Meanwhile, a tweet by Swara has made him stand on the target of the users, after which people have opened a front against him and the demand for his arrest has started on Twitter. Let us know what Swara has tweeted due to which #ArrestSwaraBhaskar is trending on Twitter.

Actually, Swara writes in her tweet that we cannot agree on Hindutva terror and while Taliban terror everyone is shocked and can be destroyed by it .. and we cannot chill about #Taliban terror and then # Get angry and furious about Hindutva terror! Our human and moral values ​​should not be based on the identity of the oppressor or the oppressed. While clarifying in her second tweet, Swara writes that despite US imperialism, #Taliban does not deserve our specifics .. which is wrong and it should be criticized. But the Taliban doesn’t deserve specifics. Recognize their many evils and wrongdoings!

At the same time, after this tweet of Swara, there was an uproar and the demand of arresting him by the users started. Swara Bhaskar’s tweet has hurt many people. They think this is an insult to Hindus and this tweet is spreading hatred. As we know there is lot of polarization happening in many parts of the country and we can see it on Twitter also. Users gave this response…


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