Anupama 31st july written updates: Big trouble on Anupama-Vanraj, 20 lakh tax will have to be paid

Anupama 31st july written updates: Big trouble on Anupama-Vanraj, 20 lakh tax will have to be paid

New Delhi. Knowing the factory tax amount, Kavya gets furious. She also treats Babu ji very badly. Anupama and Vanraj are shocked to see this. Babuji and the whole family also get very upset after hearing the amount of 20 lakhs. Everyone is thinking of getting out of that trouble. Know what will happen tonight in the latest episode of Anupama.

Babuji explained to Kavya after refusing the job

Kavya gets a call and learns that she has been shortlisted for the job. Babuji tells Bao that Kavya is talking about the job. Kavya is offered less salary, so she refuses to do the job. After hearing Kavya, Babu ji comes to her and says that she was talking about a job. Then this thing came to his ears. Babu ji explains that whatever job you get, do it.

Kavya says that she can get any job anytime. Bow says that even Vanraj used to say this earlier. Babu ji says that God bless him to get the same job in which he gets happiness. After Babuji leaves, Kavya thinks that it has been only a few days since she left her job. He is suffocating. Don’t know how Anupama has spent so many days.


Vanraj in trouble

Kavya then sees that Vanraj comes home hanging his face. She calls out to him. But does not listen. Then Anupama and Samar also follow him. Which seems very disturbing. Then Kavya says that it seems that there is a big problem. Kavya goes to Vanraj’s room and asks what happened? Was there a fight with Anupama? Got a problem in the cafe? But Vanraj does not say anything.

Kavya searching for Vanraj’s things

At the dinner table, Kinchal talks about the office with Vanraj. Not seeing Kavya at the dinner table, Bo asks if she didn’t come? Kavya is searching Vanraj’s things in his room to find out what he is hiding. Kavya checks Vanraj’s laptop. But he gets nothing. At the dinner table, a fight breaks out between Tosho and Pakhi. Which Kinchle stops by scolding. Then Tosho also comes. Mama ji tells Tosh to eat.

Kavya told Babu ji a tax thief

Seeing Vanraj and Anupama silent at the dinner table, Babu ji asks them why are they upset? Then Kavya comes and says that both of them did not tell her anything but she will tell you. Vanraj tries to silence Anupama Kavya, but she does not keep quiet. Kavya tells Babu ji that he talks such big things but remains a tax evader himself. Hearing this, Samar tells Kavya to keep quiet. Then Kavya shouts at Samar. Vanraj shouts while silencing Kavya and asks her to shut up. Kavya says that she will keep quiet, but she should tell how he will pay the tax.

Rakhi Dave threw away check book

Babuji gets very upset after hearing about paying tax of 20 lakhs. He apologizes to Anupama for not being able to pay the tax. Then Mama ji says that he forgets but he will have some property in Jamnagar. Then Babu ji says that there is nothing there. Kavya tells Vanraj how he will pay the money. Then there is the entry of Rakhi Dave. She puts the check books in front of Anupama’s family.

Rakhi Dave insulted Anupama’s family

Rakhi Dev makes the whole family jealous. Tells them a lot of lies. Rakhi Dave tells Anupama to go to the tax office and go there and cry. Rakhi tells Dave to go home to her daughter Kinchal. Hearing this, Rakhi Dave says that money bundles do not make noise but chillers do. Not only this, Rakhi Dave also narrates a lot to Babu ji. Vanraj and Anupama tell that both of them will take a loan. Rakhi Dev tells them which is the bank which will give them the loan. Who would have just opened the cafe and dance academy. Rakhi Dave tells Anupama that one day they will have to come in her footsteps.

Anupama explained to Rakhi Dave

Anupama tells Rakhi Dave that she will follow in his footsteps. The whole family gets shocked hearing this. Anupama tells that all the hopes of her family are attached to that cafe and dance academy. Pakhi-Samar studies their marriage. All the expenses of the house. Anupama says that the self-respect of her family is still flying in the air. Anupama says now is the time.

( PrecapKavya refuses to teach Pakhi to dance. Seeing this, Anupama thinks to help him. Then Nandani goes to Pakhi. Pakhi says that if mother herself did not come, then sent her. Kinchal scolds Pakhi for her behavior, but Pakhi calls everyone Anupama’s spoon. Angrily, Pakhi says that she hates this house and leaves crying. Seeing this, Anupama starts crying. )

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