Anupama 17th August written: Boss misbehaved with Kinchal in office, expressed pain in front of Anupama

Anupama 17th August written: Boss misbehaved with Kinchal in office, expressed pain in front of Anupama

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New Delhi. His boss Dholakia misbehaves with Kinchal in the office. Kinchle does not talk to anyone as soon as he returns home. At the same time, Dholakia calls Kavya back to work. The whole family gets shocked seeing this. On asking Anupama, Kinchal tells you the past. Anupama gets very upset seeing her daughter-in-law in such a condition. At the same time, Anupama is already very worried about the loan.

Vanraj called Samar the winner

Vanraj tells Samar that he understands what he wants to say, but takes his decision after careful consideration. At the same time, Anupama explains to Samar that whoever moves ahead in the family, the whole family moves forward with him. Samar says that whatever other dreams he has with her. So Anupama says that all dreams come true but on her own terms. Anupama says what he wants by listening to his heart. Forget everything. Vanraj says that whatever decision he takes, he will be the winner.

Kinchle remembers Tosho

There is a kinchal sitting in the room. His boss keeps calling him again and again. Kinchal gets nervous seeing this. Kinchal says in her mind why Tosho is not with her. So many things are already happening in the house. How will she handle it? Just then Anupama wonders why Kinchle hasn’t come down yet. It’s time to go to his office too. Anupama tells that when she came from office too. Then she fell asleep tired. Then Kinchle comes down.

Dholakia called Kavya back

Kinchal comes and hugs Anupama. Anupama feels Kinchal’s troubles. Kavya tells Kinchal that is it off today? Kinchal tells that she is not in mind, so she is not going? Just then Kavya gets a call from Kinchal’s boss Dholakia. Kavya gets very happy seeing this. Kavya talks to Dholakia. As soon as the phone is cut, Kavya tells that Dholakia has given her the project of Kinchal and its position. The whole family gets shocked hearing this. Kavya says that Kichlan has been fired.

Kavya got Kinchle’s job

Kinchal tells Kavya that she has not been evicted. Kavya says this is what everyone says after leaving the job. Kinchal also tries to convince Kavya a lot that she too does not need to work there. But it is poetry that does not listen. Kavya feels that Kinchle is jealous of her. Seeing Kavya’s behavior, Kinchal goes to her room crying. Seeing this, Vanraj tells Anupama to take care of him.

Kinchal told Anupama about Dholakia’s actions

Kinchle is crying in her room. Anupama goes to Kinchal and asks if Dholakia did anything. Kinchal narrates how Dholakia’s behavior got worse with her. Kinchal is not able to tell the matter clearly, but then Anupama tells whether he used to come to her on the pretext of work. He used to try to talk about himself and his personal life with him. He looked at him with strange eyes. Kinchal asks how did she know about this.

Anupama told the pain of every woman

Anupama says that this story is known to all the women of the world. Whether she is a working woman, a housewife, whether she is young, old or a child. Whether a woman learns something or not, she begins to recognize the evil intention of the man. Kinchal says as soon as Dholakia comes, it starts feeling strange. Kinchal says that she has never touched and never misbehaved. Anupama says that she misbehaved, there is no need to touch to be rude. Some men do such acts with their own eyes that even if a thousand are bathed in the Ganges water, it seems that the dirty eyes of those men are on them.

the drummer used to try to come near

Kinchal tells that Bar used to narrate the story of his wife. He says that he and his wife do not get along. Asked about him and Tosh too. Repeatedly called in the cabin and kept looking at him. Kinchal tells that initially she used to ignore but now it was difficult for her to ignore. He kept saying that go to parties, work with him till late, he should take him on trips. As soon as he took any action. Anupama says that he insulted her in front of everyone and took fault in her work.

Anupama gives courage to Kinchal to raise her voice

Kinchal cries and hugs Anupama. Kinchal says that she will not go to office. She will go to the office where there will be no drummer. Anupama says that will happen. When Kinchal asks what it means, Anupama tells that there must be some drummer in every office, shop, bus, car, market, street, in the world. Anupama tells Kinchal that she must find a drummer somewhere who has not learned manners in life. Kinchal asks what should she do then? Anupama says to slap, if you can’t even slap then speak and if you can’t speak then write. By complaining, Anupama explains to Kinchal to keep his words on social media.

Anupama asks Kinchal to fight for his honor

Anupama gives courage to Kinchal and tells him to break his silence and break his strength too. Anupama says that she knows that women are afraid of making tamasha and becoming. Thinks she can bear a little more. If you make noise, then the peace will go away. Anupama tells Kinchal that she believes that if she is relaxed, then respect should not be lost. And if the woman herself does not fight for the honor, then who will fight? Anupama says that everything has to be paid for. The price of this fight will also have to be paid, but by raising your head.

Dholakia will defame Kinchal

Anupama tells Kinchal that she cannot live in such fear. Anupama says that she lived in the house for 25 years but she also fought for her rights. Anupama explains to Kinchal that she cannot sit at home like this. Kinchle says that she wants to end the matter here. Anupama says she will finish the talk, but Dholakia will not. He will defame her in front of everyone in the office and will probably do the same to another girl tomorrow.

Kinchle does not want to talk

Kinchal says that she does not want to do anything. Kinchal says that she should not tell anyone even in the house. He also does not let Kavya work there. Anumpa tries to convince Kinchal a lot, but Kinchal flatly refuses. Kinchle says she doesn’t want to do any revolution. Kinchal says that she should not tell anything to anyone in the house. Anupama asks Kinchal to take rest. But Anupama decides to teach Dholakia a lesson in her mind.

Anupama lost in the talk of kinchal

Anupama and Vanraj meet at the cafe. Where Vanraj asks Anupama if there was any talk with Kinchal. Anupama says that she just had office problems. Anupama goes to her dance class and there she remembers Kinchal’s words. Then Nandani asks Anupama to play the song, but Anupama stops singing. Just then a girl asks Anupama for water from Anupama, but Anupama gives Ghungroo to the children. Seeing this, Nandani understands that Anupama is upset.

Anupama got scared seeing the bank employees

Just then Samar comes to Anupama and says that the bankers have come. Anupama asks her to ask her father Vanraj to see the paper. Samar tells that he has gone out for some work. Anupama gets nervous hearing this. Anupama says how will she read the papers alone. Samar says that he is with her. Anupama makes a video call to Babuji to read the papers. But the phone is not working due to network. Vanraj also does not pick up the phone.

Anupama upset by Kinchal’s words

Anupama sits in front of the people who came from the bank. He tells Anupama not to panic. Bank employees explain that they just have to submit the papers. Just then a child falls in the dance academy and Nandani calls Samar. Anupama falls alone. The bank employee asks Anupama to sign the papers. Just then Anupama is seen at a table in the cafe. Anupama sees the image of Dholakia and Kinchal among the people sitting at the table.

( PrecapVanraj asks Anupama what happened to Kinchal. Vanraj says that Dholakia has misbehaved with Kinchal? Vanraj senses Anupama’s silence. Samar and Vanraj would be going out with sticks to teach Dholakia a lesson. Then Anupama tries to stop both of them. Anupama says that she too is in this fight of Kinchal. Kavya taunts Anupama that the woman who could not speak for herself in 25 years will fight for Kinchal now. )


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