Anupama 14th August written: Ajay Devgan will take out Anupama, who is in trouble, will have a special meeting

Anupama 14th August written: Ajay Devgan will take out Anupama, who is in trouble, will have a special meeting

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New Delhi. In the show Anupama these days the whole family is troubled because of loans and children. Kinchle reverses his decision by going with Toso. Because of which Toso leaves the house in anger. Vanraj and Anupama explain a lot to Kinchal, but Kinchal should keep his word. Makes everyone silent. Vanraj and Anupama have decided that they will always be the link between their family and keep it connected. In the midst of so many troubles, Anupama tries to be happy. That’s when Anupama gets a chance to talk to actor Ajay Devgan. Know what will happen today in the latest episode of Anupama.

Kinchle refuses to go with Toso

Kinchal decides that she will not go with Toso. Hearing this, Anupama explains to Kinchal that both of them should not do this. Anupama says that they will live without them. But they should not be separate. Vanraj also says that it is okay for him to stay away from those people, but do not be away from each other. Samar and Pakhi also tell both that wherever both of them stay, just stay together. Bow also says that at the time of marriage, considering Agni as a witness, both of them had promised to live together and live together. Babuji also explains to Kinchal that his first relation is with Toshho and then with the family. Anupama tells Kinchal that they do not take any decision in stubbornness.

Tosho surprised to choose family

Tosho tells Kinchal that he is waiting for her reply. Kinchal says she will miss him. Hearing this, Tosho says that he chose family out of love and family. Kinchle says that she put any options in front of her. Kinchal says that she chose the family because it is right. Tosho says that he will wait for her. He wants to see whether she loves him or not.

planet worship at home

The whole family gets upset because of Tosh and Kinchal. Meanwhile, a message comes on Kavya’s phone that she was not selected in the interview. Hearing this, Kavya cries loudly. Vanraj asks her what happened? So Kavya tells that she gave the interview very well. But he didn’t get the job. Vanraj says that nobody will get some other job. Kavya tells Vanraj that yes as you got it. Kavya says that it seems that someone has caught sight of the house. Until the planet is worshipped. Till then nothing will be right. Bo also agrees on this point of Kavya.

Vanraj gave courage to Kinchal

Kinchal goes to the room and is crying remembering Tosh. Then Vanraj comes. Vanraj brings a bottle of oil and starts champing Kinchal. Kinchal wakes up crying and starts crying. Vanraj tells Kinchal that he has not come to explain anything to her. What a big decision he has taken. Some thought must have been taken. But he and Toshho stayed here or stayed there, just stayed together. Vanraj tells how moderns treat girls as home breakers. Treat the girl of the village as home. Vanraj tells Kinchal that the whole family is very happy to have Kinchal as a daughter-in-law.

Special conversation between Vanraj Kinchal

Vanraj says that if the price of this happiness is tears. So they do not want them to get such happiness. Kinchal says mommy is also paying the price. She is also staying here for everyone’s happiness. Kinchal says that it is very difficult for Mummy also with Kavya. But she is still living. Then why can’t she stay? Vanraj asks Kinchal whether she will go to office or take leave? Kinchle says that it would be better for her to go to office. Vanraj says that whoever gets ready should come down. Anupama is making coffee for him. Will drink together

Vanraj Anupama talked about children

While coming out of Kinchal’s room, Vanraj finds Anupama. Anupama asks Champi? I don’t know why people think that the mother comes to silence the crying children? Vanraj says that he does not know whether father knows how to do children or not? But it should come. Vanraj says that a father has a guest appearance in the lives of his children. Anupama says that it is good that they went to Kinchal. Otherwise, if she went to explain, both of them would start crying after remembering Tosh. Anupama asks Vanraj to ask whether Tosho has reached there? Then the voice message of Rakhi Dave arrives. Hearing which Anupama says that means Tosho has reached there.

Samar hopes to get loan to Anupama

Samar comes running to Anupama and Vanraj. Samar tells that his friend’s father is in the bank. Where loans are given to those opening a new business. Samar says that he has spoken. Seeing Samar like this, Vanraj realizes that how he used to support only Tosh earlier and used to humiliate Samar. Samar tells Maa that everything will be fine.

Argument between Kinchle and Kavya

Kinchal is leaving for office. Then Kavya tells Kinchal that whatever happened between Tosho and him. She is sad seeing him. Kinchal says that it was her own decision and she is sad to see this. Then Kavya says that it is not feeling good. Kavya thinks from inside that everything about her is backfire. Kavya tells Kinchal to go to the office and talk to the boss about her job. Kinchal angrily shouts at Kavya. Seeing this, Kavya says that today’s daughter-in-law does not have the ability to talk to mother-in-law. Bo hears this. Bow tells Kavya to make tea for her.

But Kavya makes it. Then only Kavya’s dialogue says that today’s daughters-in-law do not have the skills to talk to their mother-in-law. Kavya says that she had listened. Bow explains to Kavya that Kinchle is still upset. So he didn’t get hurt. Kavya tells Baa that there is some thought of worshiping the planet. Bo tells that she has been with the priest.

Anupama got a big chance

Anupama and Vanraj go to their respective work. Vanraj says that he has spoken elsewhere too. Then Vanraj tells that he had a talk with Tosh. He was not feeling well. Anupama says that Kinchal will go away, she will be fine. Vanraj says that he cannot forcefully send Kinchal. Anupama says that such a thing will not happen. Then Anupama goes to her dance academy and Vanraj goes to his cafe. Anupama thinks that Bo says that being sad only gives God sadness. So always be happy. Then Anupama starts listening to the radio. Suddenly the radio jockey says that today 5 lucky winners will get a gift.

Anupama’s special conversation with Ajay Devgan on video call

Anupama picks up the phone and dials the number with God’s name. Anupama gets a call. The radio jockey asks Anupama for her name and says she is lucky. He will get her talk to actor Ajay Devgan. Anupama gets shocked hearing this. Anupama talks to Ajay over a video call. Ajay Devgan talks to Anupama about his latest film Bhuj. Anupama says that she will definitely watch his film with her family. Anupama also requests Ajay to take a selfie. Talking with Ajay Devgan, Anupama starts dancing in happiness.

Anupama got a call from the bank

Anupama then gets a call. Seeing the number, Anupama says that this number is a bank. Anupama picks up the phone. On the phone, the bank manager tells Anupama that the bank can give her a loan, but she will have to mortgage the papers of the house. Anupama asks that to save whom she is taking loan. He will have to mortgage it. Bank manager says that they should think properly.

( PrecapKinchal does not return home from office. The whole family is waiting for him in worry. On the other hand, Kinchle is working in the office. Then his boss starts misbehaving with him. Kinchal’s boss gives him the example of Kavya and Vanraj. Kinchal comes home and gets down from the car crying. Vanraj and Anupama are shocked to see Kinchal. Kinchal cries and hugs Anupama. )


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