Anupama 13th August written: Anupama-Vanraj upset by children’s antics, will give another big blow to Toshho

Anupama 13th August written: Anupama-Vanraj upset by children’s antics, will give another big blow to Toshho

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New Delhi. It is being shown in the show that Anupama is trying very hard to take care of her family. But things are slipping out of his hands. Both Pakhi and Toshho children have come down on the bully. Tosho is adamant on leaving the house. Which angrily asks Vanraj to go. Anupama and Vanraj are very sad because of not controlling the children. Know what will happen tonight in the latest episode of Anupama.

Anupama upset with children’s antics

Vanraj and Anupama are deeply worried about the children. Vanraj says that he should not have discriminated between the children. Vanraj tells Anupama that Samar has visited him. Why didn’t Tosho go to him? Why did he become like that? Anupama tells that he would not have become like him if he was like that. So never insult the elders. Anupama Vanraj gets worried about the children.

Samar-Pakhi tried to stop Tosh

Tosho gets ready to go. Then Pakhi hugs Tosho and says that he is the best son and brother. Also she tells him not to leave the house. Then the summer also comes. He also stops Tosh. Samar apologizes to Tosh. Samar says that it will be gone that the whole family will break up. Also says that he should not go in such anger. But Tosho tells him to let her go. Pakhi says that she expects mother to stop her.

Anupama encouraged Vanraj

Deeply saddened by the news of Anupama and Tosh leaving the house. Anupama tells Vanraj that there are as many moments. So much can be spent in happiness. He is the link between the two generations. In such a situation, everyone has to take care of them. Vanraj says that she is absolutely right.

Kinchal does not want to leave the house

Kinchal shares her pain with Nandani. Kinchal tells Nandani that she wanted such a family since childhood. Kinchal says that it looks like someone is going to break her dream by lifting her from sleep. Kinchal says that she wants both Tosho and family. But every time he has to choose the one in family and love. Kinchal says that she went against her mother and married Toso. Because of which this family was also there.

Anupama-Vanraj’s warning to Pakhi

Vanraj and Anupama go to their daughter Pakhi’s room. Where Pakhi is sleeping hugging the trophy. Pakhi wakes up seeing her parents in the room. Vanraj asks if this trophy is his new teddy. So Pakhi smiles. Anupama and Vanraj explain to Pakhi about her behaviour. Anupama explains that again she will not tolerate his misbehavior. Vanraj says that he

Some time ago she went into depression, then it was very difficult for her to scold her. In such a situation, he should not take advantage of this thing now. Vanraj understands to Pakhi that when her teacher gets angry with her in school or her friend’s mother interrupts her, does she retaliate? So why does she do this in her house? Anupama tells Pakhi to respect people. Pakhi says she respects. Just then Pakhi remembers how she misbehaved with her mother.

Panicked about going to the hostel

Anupama tells Pakhi what she has done on the day of her annual function. In such a situation, if there was any other mother, she would make a map of Gujarat on her face. Anupama warns Pakhi that she will not be able to control herself if she ever does this again. Vanraj also tells Pakhi that if he does not control his misbehavior, he will send her to the hostel. Pakhi gets scared hearing this. After Anupama and Vanraj’s death, Pakhi tells herself how wrong she was.

Anupama celebrated Babu and Mama ji

Vanraj and Anupama talk among themselves that from tomorrow onwards, we have to think about the loan again, to take care of Babu-Babu ji. Tosh’s verdict has to be seen. Vanraj tells Anupama that he will do it man. Anupama and Vanraj smile and go to their respective rooms. As soon as he wakes up in the morning, there is a slip of Bao and Babuji. In which a poem is written. In which it is said to forgive the mistakes of children. Anupama brings tea. So Bo jokingly says what a bad poem it was. Anupama, Bo-Babu ji and Mama again laugh a lot.

Happily sent off Tosh and Kinchal

Bo asks if Toshho will leave today. Anupama says that if he is leaving then he will happily send her. Just then Tosh and Kinchal come with their belongings. Seeing this, the whole family becomes emotional. Anupama stops Tosh and brings Aarti’s plate. Anupama tilaks Tosh and Kinchal and makes their mouth sweet. Vanraj also feeds sweets to both the children. Tosho and Kinchal also take blessings by touching the feet of Bo-Babu ji, maternal uncle and parents. Anupama tells Tosho to take care of themselves and eat food on time. Vanraj tells Tosho and Kinchal to come home if they feel like it.

Kinchle left Tosh’s side

Tosh and Kinchal are carrying things. On reaching the threshold, Kinchal says bye to Toshho. The whole family gets shocked seeing this. Tosho asks Kinchal if she is not going with him? Kinchal tells Toso that he should not pack only his belongings. He also has to pack the memories associated with this house. For which he needs time. Babu ji says that if you want to go then both should go together, otherwise stop here. On hearing this, Tosho says that he will not be able to stop today. Kinchal says that he will not be able to go today.

( PrecapAnupama calls the bank to pay the tax. Where he is told that he can get a loan. But he has to mortgage the papers of his house for the loan. Anupama gets shocked hearing this.


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