Anupama 10th August written updates: Pakhi will give dance performance with Anupama, mother will fulfill her daughter’s dream

Anupama 10th August written updates: Pakhi will give dance performance with Anupama, mother will fulfill her daughter’s dream

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New Delhi. There has been a tussle between Anupama and her daughter Pakhi for a long time. Pakhi tries her best to humiliate her mother by holding Kavya’s hand. But during the dance competition, Kavya goes somewhere and Pakhi falls alone. Seeing Pakhi’s condition, Anupama is unable to stop herself and goes to her. Seeing her mother close to her, Pakhi realizes her mistake. Know whether Anupama will be able to get the trophy for her daughter Pakhi? Know what will happen tonight in the latest episode of Anupama.

Anupama hands Pakhi

Anupama supports Pakhi who is fainting. Seeing this, Pakhi says that you. Anupama tells that she tried a lot to leave but she could not. Anupama asks is everything fine? Where is Kavya? Pakhi cries saying that nothing is fine. Kavya left him in the last and went away. Hearing this, she gets very angry and says that Kavya has so much courage that she left him like this.

Pakhi realizes her mistake and hugs her and cries a lot. She says that he did wrong to her. So what is going wrong with him too. Tosho also comes to see the dance performance.

Family surprised to see Anupama instead of Kavya

The school comes to the teacher and says that the technical problem has been fixed. There will be a performance in 5 minutes. Anupama calls Samar and asks him to change the song. Samar Nandani is very confused that she mother asked to change the song? When Pakhi’s name is announced, the whole family is shocked to see Anupama with Pakhi in place of Kavya on the stage. Anupama and Pakhi’s dance begins. Kinchal asks when did Pakhi and Anupama practice on this song?

Babu ji tells that when Pakhi was 5 years old. Then Anupama had taught. Bo says this is Pakhi’s age. She is running away from her mother. Then Kavya gets irritated and angry seeing Pakhi and Anupama dancing.

Pakhi apologizes to mother Anupama in front of everyone

As soon as Pakhi and Anupama’s dance performance is over, everyone starts applauding loudly. Just then Pakhi takes the mic. Bow supports Pakhi and says that whatever is in her mind, she should speak without fear. Pakhi apologizes to Anupama in front of everyone. Pakhi says that her Samar who always says that he has no brain? Which is absolutely true. Pakhi says that she has hurt her family members and especially her mother a lot. Pakhi tells everyone that she has done this mistake before. He had made this mistake in the fun fair also.

Pakhi says she doesn’t know why she does this. But she knew she was doing wrong? Often she also talks about these things while sitting with her friends. They too are going through all these things. Pakhi tells that all her friends also believe that every time anger falls on the mother. Pakhi tells Anupama that she could have taught him a lesson by killing her if she wanted, but she corrected him with her love.

Pakhi tells the judge that she has broken the rule of this competition. So she is out of this competition. Then Mam congratulates Pakhi and Anupama for their dance and says as Pakhi said that she has broken the rules of dance. So she is out of competition.

big decision by the school

Hearing that Pakhi and Anupama were thrown out, all the children ask them to take them back to the competition. Hearing which the judges decide that both of them will be considered part of that competition. Madam announces the result of the competition. In which Anupama and her group get the victory. Along with this, it is also said to Pakhi and Anupama that the trophy is given that there is no greater teacher than a mother. Pakhi and Anupama get very happy hearing this. Pakhi and Anupama go to collect the trophy.

Then Anupama’s eyes fall on Kavya. Kavya gets scared seeing this. She feels that she is coming to him to slap him in front of everyone. Bow gets very happy seeing that Anupama will slap Kavya. Anupama takes Kavya towards the stage. Seeing this, Vanraj also gets nervous and thinks in his heart that he should not do anything like this in front of everyone.

(Precap- Tosho tells the whole family and Vanraj that there is no freedom for anyone to fly in this house. Vanraj says that he has given him the sky and the sky. On hearing this, Tosho asks him to tell them how much was spent. He will give back all the money with interest. Hearing this, Anupama tells Tosho to keep quiet. Vanraj angrily says that if he wants to return the money, then he will listen to his mother’s tears, her sweats and Babu ji’s prayers. Pay off the loan.)


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