Anu Malik trolled, now accused of copying Israel’s nation anthem

Anu Malik trolled, now accused of copying Israel’s nation anthem

Mumbai: Singing Reality Show Indian Idol 12 is often in the headlines. Sometimes due to the contestants of the show, and sometimes due to the judges, it has become common for the show to remain in the discussion. These days the judge of Indian Idol is Anu Malik, who is on the target of trolls. Anu Malik, Israel’s gymnast Dolgopayat is getting trolled after winning the gold medal in gymnast. In fact, after the victory of Dolgopayat, the country’s national anthem was played, which became viral on social media.

In fact, after listening to the national anthem of Israel, people remembered ‘Mera Mulk Mera Desh Mera Yeh Chaman’. Due to which the users started trolling Anu Malik and asked whether he only got the anthem song of another country to copy. Users are constantly targeting Anu Malik by commenting on the video.

Commenting on social media, many users are making fun of Anu Malik and accusing him of stealing the national anthem of Israel. One user commented and wrote- ‘Diljale’s Mera Mulk Mera Desh Mera Yeh Chaman song in the national anthem of Israel at low speed. And since Anu Malik was the music director, I am now 100% sure that he has copied that music from here as well.’

Another user wrote- ‘When Israel copied its national anthem from the national anthem of Urduwood’s Ustad Anwar (Anu) Malik from the movie Diljale. Diljale was the story of a dreaded terrorist of Kashmir. However, this is not the first time that Anu Malik has been a part of any controversy, even before that many allegations have been made against him. Anu Malik’s name was in the headlines even during the MeToo movement.

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