Amitabh got angry with Jaya Bachchan after the interview with Rekha and other actresses about the affair

Amitabh got angry with Jaya Bachchan after the interview with Rekha and other actresses about the affair

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Mumbai. Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan is known for his calm and controlled behavior during interviews. However, there was an interview in which the actor lost control of himself. Actually, in the interview, questions were asked from Amitabh about the affair with Rekha and other actresses. Amitabh took this anger out on his wife Jaya Bachchan. Let’s know the full story-

Question on Amitabh’s affairs asked in the interview
Actually, in the year 1992, Amitabh Bachchan and his wife Jaya Bachchan were interviewed by journalist Karan Thapar at the actor’s house in Pratiksha. According to the report of Scroll, Karan Thapar has discussed this interview and what happened after it in his book. Everything was going well in this interview done on the occasion of Amitabh’s 50th birthday. Things got worse when Thapar questioned the actor about the ladies in his life. Thapar asked, ‘There are many such stories in which you have an affair with other actresses. After marriage, have you had an affair with another woman?’ To this Amitabh said, ‘No’. Thapar again asked, ‘It is said that you had an affair with Parveen Bobby. How much truth is there in this story?’ The actor replied, ‘No. I have read such stories too. They are not correct. But I can’t stop magazines from writing such things.’ Thapar posed another question, ‘What about Rekha?’ To this Big B said, ‘No, not even with him.’

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‘Always trust my husband’
After questioning Amitabh, Karan Thapar started questioning Jaya Bachchan, who was sitting next to him. He asked, ‘Do you believe what Amitabh said?’ Jaya replied, ‘I always trust my husband.’ Thapar again asked, ‘Are you really saying this or are you saying that because she is sitting next to you?’ To this Jaya said, ‘Absolutely, what I said is right.’ Thapar then asked other questions. After the interview, the interview team was asked to stop for lunch. After this, what happened at lunch proved that Amitabh was filled with anger due to questions related to the affair.

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Amitabh got angry with Jaya over lunch
When everyone sat down for lunch, Jaya asked Amitabh if he would take rice. The actor immediately said, ‘You know that I do not eat rice. Why are you trying to serve something that I have never eaten?’ Jaya said, ‘I am serving because the rotis have not arrived yet.’ Karan Thapar further wrote about this in his book, ‘Jaya said that I see why the rotis have not come yet? Jaya was trying to quell Amitabh’s anger. She said, ‘Why don’t you eat some rice until the roti comes?’ Amitabh said angrily, ‘Let it be. Just let it be. I said I don’t want rice and I am happy to wait for the rotis. Why can’t you hear what I’m saying?’ After this Jaya left the room and did not come back. After a while the rotis arrived and Amitabh started eating. After this we did not have any hunger left. It is said that after this Amar Singh’s call to Karan Thapar and he asked to remove those questions. Amar Singh had arranged the interview. When the interview aired, these questions were not there.


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