Airbus making a flying car, watch the video here– NayaTez

Airbus making a flying car, watch the video here– NayaTez

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New Delhi. Airbus, which is known for making its best aircraft in the world, has recently presented the first glimpse of its new City aircraft to the public. Airbus released the first glimpse of this city aircraft through a video on its official Twitter handle. In which the city aircraft was shown flying for about 4 minutes at a height of 20 meters. Soon this company is going to make the dream of urban mobility copter flying on the roads come true.

Take off and landing shown in the video- Airbus has released a video, which shows the demonstration flight of City Aircraft taking off and landing. It is shown that it is a 4 seater, electric, VTOL aircraft. In this video, the aircraft has flown up to a height of 20 meters in an open field for about 4 minutes.

It is an all-electric aircraft, weighing 2,310 kg. The company said that the UAM Demonstrator has successfully taken off in the right way. This aircraft has high-lift propulsion units with multicopter configuration. This aircraft has a seating capacity of 4 people. Eight fixed pitch propellers and 100kW electric motor have been used in this Airbus helicopter, which works at 950rpm. This CityAirbus is capable of reaching a speed of 120 kmph in just 15 minutes. What was the first take-off of this CityAirbus Full Scale UAM (Urban Air Mobility) Demonstrator in the month of May 2019 by the company.

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The aviation industry contributes about 2.5 percent of the global CO2 emissions. Significant efforts have already been made to limit fuel consumption in aviation, but a lot more needs to be done in the right way, and helicopters are at the forefront of this effort. Due to their small size and low power requirement as compared to aircraft, these helicopters can be seen as a better option.

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