Afghanistan : Report Says, Taliban Forcing Women To Marry Terrorists

Afghanistan : Report Says, Taliban Forcing Women To Marry Terrorists

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Taliban forcing Afghan women to marry terrorists: Report

Taliban are taking control of more parts of Afghanistan

Kabul :

in Afghanistan increasing control of the Taliban There have also been reports of ‘atrocities’ on women. The Taliban is rapidly gaining hold in Afghanistan and many provinces and their cities are now occupied by Taliban fighters. In a media report on Thursday, it has been said that this terrorist organization is now forcing women to marry terrorists. There have also been incidents of ruthless killings of captured soldiers and unprovoked attacks on civilians in the recently occupied Taliban territory. It is to be said that they have seen unprovoked attacks on civilians and captured soldiers (of the Afghan army) killing terrorists. They also say that the Taliban have also asked people to make unmarried women the wives of their terrorists. This is a kind of sexual violence.

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The Wall Street Journal report states that the Taliban told government officials, military forces and people after their “victory” of control in most parts of the country that they did not need to be afraid, but their “actions” were quite the opposite. The US embassy in Kabul has strongly criticized the Taliban after reports emerged of Afghan forces brutally killing captured or surrendered soldiers. In a tweet, the embassy described it as a ‘disturbing incident and a war crime’.

America is sending 3000 soldiers to Afghanistan, will not fight, will take part in rescue operation

Significantly, the conflict between Afghan soldiers and the Taliban continues in Afghanistan. The Taliban is continuously occupying many areas of Afghanistan. The Taliban on Friday claimed to have captured Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second largest city. After this announcement by the Taliban, only the capital Kabul and some other areas will remain in the hands of the Afghan government. A Taliban spokesman said in a tweet, “Kandahar has been completely conquered. Mujahideen have reached Shaheed Chowk in the city.” A local civilian also backed the Taliban’s claim, telling AFP news agency that government forces appeared to have retreated from a military facility outside the city.


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