Afghan Crisis India Brought Back Its Diplomats And Officials From Kabul Read Inside Story

Afghan Crisis India Brought Back Its Diplomats And Officials From Kabul Read Inside Story

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A senior government official told NayaTez, “The initial plan was to evacuate everyone together. On August 16 (Monday), a convoy carrying 45 Indians managed to reach the airport, but the other two were turned back by the Taliban. asked to leave.”

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According to him, there were about 80 Indians in the second convoy, including an Indian diplomat, whose return to the country was stopped by the Taliban. “Curfew was imposed only for Indians. The movement of citizens of other countries was not restricted,” he said.

The Indian government was already holding backchannel talks with several foreign agencies, including the Russians. In the end, they managed to persuade the Taliban to let them staff the Indian mission at the airport.

“The Taliban took our people, including our ambassador, to the airport. After reaching the airport with the help of other agencies (Americans), our plane was able to take off,” he said.

Kabul airport is currently being operated by the Americans. Air traffic control is under his supervision. The first C-17 aircraft landed in Delhi on Monday night carrying 45 people. The second landed at Hindon this afternoon, mostly mission staff and Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) personnel. Sources in the government have indicated that more flights will be planned if necessary.

India has managed to bring back its mission staff and ITBP personnel with their weapons, but several armored vehicles of the force are still standing at the Kabul airport.

‘Thank you to Indian Air Force’: Indian envoy said on safe return from Kabul in difficult situation

Although many countries are operating their missions from the airport, but India has closed all its missions. A senior official said, “At the moment India has closed its mission in Kabul, but we are trying to bring back our citizens, whoever wants to come back.”

According to him, talks are on and when the Kabul airspace opens, Indian planes will be sent to bring back all the Indians.


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