Actress Neelam Giri’s Punjabi tadka appeared on Arsh Kaur’s song ‘Meethi Meethi Talk’, fans were blown away

Actress Neelam Giri’s Punjabi tadka appeared on Arsh Kaur’s song ‘Meethi Meethi Talk’, fans were blown away

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Bhojpuri Actress Neelam Giri is in discussion about her dance videos on video songs as well as on social media. Fans are crazy about his bold looks (Neelam giri bold look). His expressions are amazing. Actress Neelam Giri, known for her beauty, has now shared a dance video of her on a Punjabi song on Instagram. In this, she is seen applying Punjabi tadka. In this, she is seen showing her performances on ‘Meethi Meethi Talk’.

Neelam Giri has shared her Jo dance video on Instagram. In this, Arsh Kaur’s song ‘Mithi Mithi Talk’ is seen showing tremendous performances. Along with sharing the video, he has also tagged it to Arsh Kaur. The video has got more than three and a half thousand likes. His video is being liked a lot by the fans on social media. People are commenting fiercely. Some have described his video as good and some have described it as very wonderful. In the video, the actress is wearing shorts and crop top. She is looking very cute in this dress and her style is killer in this.

Neelam has already shown her Punjabi swag

Let us tell you that Neelam Giri has shown her Punjabi Swag even before this. He shared his reel video on ‘Baby Gall Suno’ on Instagram. In its video, the actress showed great dance moves. In the video, her dance steps in exotic style and open hair were driving her fans crazy. It got more than 32 thousand likes in just a short time of being shared and fans also commented fiercely on it. Along with this, his look was highly praised by the people.

Apart from this, the actress also posted a reel video on her Instagram on August 2, in which she was dancing amazingly on Guru Randhawa’s song ‘Made in India’ and showing some similar swag.

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